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Lowongan Kerja AGriculture / pertanian specialist

CARE International Indonesia (CII), as an international NGO, has carried out large scale operations in Indonesia, encompassing emergency
operations, transitional activities centered on agriculture and
nutrition and a range of development initiatives in such areas as water
and sanitation, health and micro-credit.

CARE Indonesia  in Kupang ( East Nusa Tenggara-NTT)  is currently recruiting the following position for its project:


SESAMA (Sustainable Settlement with Economic Security of Uprooted People and Their Host Communities through Strengthened and Adequate Mediation Approach in Indonesia) is an EU-funded project that will be implemented by CARE Indonesia for a period of 3 years in Kupang, NTT. The overall objectives of the project is to provide support in ensuring the sustainable settlement and livelihoods for those new citizens (ex-IDPs) left behind in the recovery process through the group’s active participation in the mainstream development planning and budgeting process. The key activities that will be implemented by the project are: (1) facilitating the developmental processes Planning, Research, Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation (PRIME) at the community level; (2) supporting community demand for government services through village wide planning, groups’ capacity building, technical assistance, and supporting the fulfillment of general needs of the community on
development/rehabilitation of water system, sanitation, school and health facilities; and (3) developing income and food sources through group organizing and skills training.

To develop Agriculture and Micro-enterprise strategy, CARE is now recruiting for a Agricultureand Micro-enterprise Specialist. The position will work alongside Specialist for Community Planning and Advocacy, Agriculture and Micro-enterprise,  Infrastructures and Land Security and will work closely with a local partner.


To assist Project Manager (PM) for develop Agriculture and Micro-enterprise strategy, specification and technique of the implementation of the Agriculture and Micro-enterprise project activities, develop monitoring tools and reporting.


Working under the Project Manager (PM), Agriculture and Micro-enterprise Specialist’s will be responsible for planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting of Agriculture and Micro-enterprise interventions of the project in project operation area in collaboration with a local partner organization. He/she will work alongside Specialist’s for Community Planning and Advocacy, Health and Education, also Infrastructures and Land Security and other program related to integrate ensure the integration of the quality Agriculture and Micro-enterprise interventions into the overall project activities. He/she will also liaise with and manage relationships and capacity building with partners and government departments.

Agriculture and Micro-enterprise Specialist’s has overall responsibility for implementing the various tasks of the Agriculture and Micro-enterprise component of the project. This will include such tasks as develop livelihood priorities;conduct training/capacity building of groups livelihood strategy sectors; establish/ empowerment farmer group; conduct PTD LEISA Cycles; Conduct Seed Fair, Develop micro-enterprise, Develop business plan , conducting market surveys, assessing community needs, and in general, providing the interface between program technical staff and community membership. S/he will need to ensure that the programs are well planned and the goals are met.


1.       Compile data or information from the sources regarding the Livelihood sectors with assistance from Community Leader
2.      Provision of socialization and information of Agriculture and Micro-enterprise programs to beneficiaries
3.       Fully Control and ensure the design, specification and technique of the implementation of the Agriculture and Micro-enterprise project activities.
4.       Facilitate, Control and support the winning Contractor, Consultant and/or Partner for implementation of the Agriculture and Micro-enterprise project in the field.
5.      Assist, coordinate and support Agriculture and Micro-enterprise Community Group for implementation of the achieved project targets.
6.      Coordinate with the Technical Assistant Group to ensure the target of the project within the designated time-frame

7.      Develop a monthly report to the Project Manager on the progress made and potential problems
8.      Input and recommendation for improving the performance and support of the Agriculture and Micro-enterprise component of the project.
9.      Ensure the financial administration of the field project is meet the CARE International standard system
10.    Conduct any other duties that may reasonably be assigned in line with the position.


1.        Assist with development of detailed plans and schedules for project implementation, including detailed activity and procurement planning.
2.      Ensure timely and good quality implementation of activities to meet project outputs. The position holder will be expected to:
a)      Design and implement livelihood assessments, focusing on key food security issues, including local food identification (pola pangan harapan) and food
saving (harvest management)
b)      Work with field facilitator and partners to design and deliver appropriate agricultural and micro-enterprise services to beneficiaries, including introduction of LEISA techniques through Participatory Technology Development (PTD) cycles
c)      Collaborate with local partners/ vendors to design & implement other appropriate livelihoods interventions, including skill development, processing,
market linkage

3.      Work with other Specialist to plan and manage project activities and conduct capacity building for staff, partners and community.
4.      Coordinate with other technical staff in both project areas to share information and ensure standardization and quality in approaches. In addition, all technical staff should coordinate directly with relevant counterpart staff in CII HQ on technical approaches.
5.       Ensure integration of vulnerability, gender and equity, and natural resource management/ environmental issues into plans, activities and monitoring.
6.      Coordinate with support units as necessary, and ensure that procurement and handling are carried out according to relevant CII principles and procedures.
7.      Assist with management of project budgets and reporting and ensure timely submission and review of information for financial and admin reports (e.g. vehicle report, travel advance and expenses).
8.       Ensure timely, good quality reporting on activities, and assist with compilation of routine progress reports.
9.      Work with supervisor and relevant technical staff on design, implementation, analysis and use of M&E relating to project activities, including data collection and entry.
10.    Assist PM to coordinate with other CII project managers, partners, sub-district/ district/ provincial government and other non-governmental agencies in project areas
11.     Perform additional assignments relating to CII programs as reasonably requested.
12.    Tasks may expand and/or be adjusted in accordance to the real needs in the


1.       University degree in Agriculture or Economic or any relevant background.
2.      3 - 5 years of previous Agriculture and Micro-enterprise experience in a similar project in an NGO setting.
3.      Have extensive experiences in the sought sectors, know effective approaches for Agriculture and Micro-enterprise interventions, and able to apply them in a participatory manner.
4.      Understand gender issues and gender-sensitive approach in the programming.
5.      Good communications skills, including negotiation skills.
6.      Good interpersonal skills, including patience, diplomacy, willingness to listen and respect for beneficiaries.
7.      Willing to spend a considerable amount of time in the field.
8.      Honest, responsible, self motivated and able to take initiative under minimum supervision.
9.      Able to give helpful directions, detailed instructions and demonstrations.
10.    Demonstrate ability to work independently as well as a part of a team in a cross cultural environment.
11.     Able to negotiate and to clarify expectations of both the beneficiaries and team.
12.    Competent in Windows, MS Office programs, email and database experience.
13.    Fluency in English (spoken and written).
14.    Ability to work under pressure in a potentially unstable security environment.
CARE is an equal opportunity employer offering a competitive salary and benefits package, and a collegial working environment, and women candidates are encouraged to apply. Applicants are invited to send a cover letter illustrating their suitability for the above positions, and detailed curriculum vitae, with names and addresses of three referees (including telephone, fax numbers and email address). Please DO NOT attached academic transcripts and Diplomas and state clearly the applied position code in the email subject.
Please submit your applications before January10, 2013 to CARE International Indonesia, Human Resources Unit:

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